According to the Santa Rosa Fire Department, a 4.4-magnitude earthquake in the northern state on Tuesday night prompted a response from fire officials after a gas leak

the smell of gas, fire alarms went off and lifts were stuck, The quake was centered in Santa Rosa, a little more than 50 miles north of San Francisco

The 4.4 earthquake, which occurred around 6:39 pm. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, after PT was a size 3.9, the epicentre was 4.66 miles underground.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquakes, which were felt as far north as the Mendocino area and as far south as the Santa Clara area

According to the Chronicle, a magnitude 2.9 earthquake struck the East Bay on Sunday.

4.4 magnitude earthquake Northern California

The area is prone to earthquakes, with Santa Rosa sitting on the Rodgers Creek Fault east of the San Andreas Mistake, which lies beneath San Francisco.