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What is Web cloud hosting?

If you are a blogger, then what is cloud hosting to you? (Cloud Hosting in Hindi ) Must know about it. Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting. If you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then before that you should read this article completely what is web hosting . After that … Read more

What is the difference between “cloud” and “hosting (rental server)”?

Having trouble understanding the difference between cloud and hosting? Many people want to clarify the difference between the two when introducing a server at their company. In this article, I will explain the difference between cloud and hosting based on the advantages and disadvantages of both. Use this as a reference for choosing the server … Read more

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

First, what exactly does WordPress managed hosting mean? And how is it different from shared hosting or DIY (Do It Yourself) hosting ? Managed WordPress hosting allows you to not only host your WordPress site, but also present it to the world efficiently. It also comes with many features and support to keep your site … Read more