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What is Web cloud hosting?

If you are a blogger, then what is cloud hosting to you? (Cloud Hosting in Hindi ) Must know about it. Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting. If you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then before that you should read this article completely what is web hosting . After that what is cloud hosting for you? Must know about this. Only then you will be able to understand all the information related to it very well.

In this article we will go through all the important information about cloud hosting. In which Cloud Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages, what is cloud hosting, how it works, and much more information is included in this article. So let’s first know, what is Cloud Hosting?

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is a type of web server, under which the data of your website is stored on different servers. This hosting is different from normal hosting, because when you host your website on cloud hosting, it makes all your data a kind of virtual server using the resources of different servers. When all these servers meet at one place, then a cloud server is ready. Which is called Cloud Hosting.

If we talk about Shared Hosting, which is generally considered a good option for beginner bloggers. So in this hosting your data is stored on a single server. Whenever there is any kind of load on your website, then this server goes down. So this reduces the speed of the website. If more traffic comes to your website, then you should use cloud hosting.

How does Cloud Hosting work?

On cloud hosting, the information of our entire website is stored on a virtual server, which is made up of many different servers, as mentioned above. When there is any kind of heavy load on our website, and one of the servers goes down, or for some reason it gets shut down. So Cloud Server transfers all the data of your website to another server, due to which the website does not suffer in any way, and it always remains active.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

  1. Uptime

You get the facility of High Uptime in Cloud Hosting. Which provides high uptime to your website by using multiple Virtual Servers simultaneously. Apart from this, sometimes the website goes down due to sudden high traffic on the website, so Cloud Server also saves you from these troubles. With this your website never goes down.

  1. Store Unlimited Data

The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that you get unlimited space here. You can store as much data as you want here. In this, you never face any type of problem related to space.

  1. Backup

In Cloud Computing Hosting, you get a very good facility to do Backup Restore. If anytime your website data is lost, then from here you can restore your data at any time.

  1. Server Safety

The server security of Cloud Web Hosting is very strong. Here your website is protected from all types of malware. If the server thinks that any kind of malware is being sent to your website and your website is going down, then it connects your website with another server. And the website remains completely secure.

  1. Best Website Performance

Generally all cloud servers are known for their best performance. It increases the speed of your website manifold. Apart from this, it prevents the website from getting down due to Unexpected Traffic coming to your website or blog.

  1. Best Pricing

Apart from Cloud Web Hosting, if we talk about other hosting, then we have to pay full money in it, whether we use its space or not. But in cloud hosting, you have to pay only as much as the resources you are using. This is also a good advantage of Cloud Hosting. So hopefully, you must have enjoyed knowing about the benefits of cloud hosting.
Cloud Hosting Disadvantages

  1. Hosting Price

You have been told that cloud hosting is also very good according to the price, but if you are a new blogger then it is expensive for you. You can initially use Shared Hosting. When some online earning starts from your blog or website and traffic starts increasing, then you can go to cloud hosting.

  1. Internet Connection Required

To access Cloud Hosting, it is very important for you to have an Internet connection. It cannot be accessed without internet.

  1. Privacy Protection

When using cloud hosting or any other hosting, you should take care of security. Whenever you create your account on any hosting panel, always keep the password strong. If your password is Weak, then anyone can access your hosting, and can put malware in the website.

  1. High Speed ​​Internet Connection

If you want to upload something to your Cloud Hosting Panel, then you need a High Speed ​​Internet Connection for this.

How to Secure Data in Cloud

Most of the people in today’s time are using cloud in some way or the other. But usually when people upload their data to the cloud, they do not pay much attention to data security . Because of which he sometimes loses his data. In such a situation, if you also use the cloud, then you must know about how your data can be kept safe on the cloud –

  1. Make sure to read the User Agreements

Whenever you are going to buy any cloud service. So take some time out and read their User Agreements Guide. If you sign up without reading this, then you will be responsible for it. Because it is a kind of agreement. Which you accept before creating an account. If you think that in this User Agreement you are getting everything according to your requirement, then you can proceed.

  1. Set Up Your Privacy Settings

When you have purchased or signed up for your cloud service. So in addition to this, it is very important for you to configure Privacy Settings. Because of which your data cannot go to anyone else with the help of any other app connected to the cloud. In addition, you keep checking your Privacy Settings every week. By which you will get to know that there is no problem of any kind in the configuration.

  1. Set Strong Passwords

Whenever an account loses information for any reason, its first point is a weak password. You always have to use a strong password in your account. Usually, most people use passwords like their name, date of birth, or their home name, etc. in their account. But you should avoid all these things. You should use a password of at least 15 words in all your personal accounts in which your personal information is present. You can use Online Password Generator Tool to generate password. It gives you a strong password.

  1. Always Keep Two-Factor Authentication On

If you have any such account, in which you have personal things, whether it is Cloud Hosting Panel or any other panel, you should always keep Two-Factor Authentication on it. With this, if anyone tries to open your account, then he will have to enter the OTP number in addition to the password. Which is a completely safe method.

  1. Do not share personal information with anyone

Some people talk to you online, who find your social account from somewhere. Due to which he tries to know some of your personal information from you. But you should not give any kind of your personal information to any such person. Who has become your friend recently. Because in such a situation, that person may do some kind of cyber crime with you.

  1. Strong Anti-Malware Protection

Cloud servers provide information over the Internet. Therefore, whenever you open your Cloud Panel in any of your computer, laptop, or smartphone etc., you should use a good Antivirus or Anti-Malware Protection. Which blocks all such URLs in your computer, which are full of malware. Which is not safe for your device.

  1. Always Keep Your Operating System Updated

Whenever any kind of update comes in your operating system, you should update it immediately. It enhances the security of your computer. All the updates that come in your operating system are very important, they are done to fix the bugs present in the system. So that the system does not get damaged in any way.

  1. Use Public Wi-Fi Carefully

If you have ever been out somewhere, and are trying to open your Cloud Panel using a public Wi-Fi, then you need to be cautious. Because usually with this type of Wi-Fi there is a risk of malware getting into your system. If you do not know, whose Wi-Fi is connected to your phone or laptop, it belongs to whom. Till then keep the Wi-Fi off of your phone and laptop. If you still want to use public Wi-Fi, then you should use VPN for this. With this your data will be completely secure.
Frequently asked questions about cloud hosting
What is cloud hosting and how does it work?

Cloud hosting makes it easy to access websites and applications by using cloud resources. Unlike normal hosting, the resources of a cloud server are not on a single server. Rather, it is present on many Connected Virtual and Physical Cloud Servers, which improve the performance of the website.

Is cloud hosting a server?

A cloud server is a type of virtual server running in cloud computing. Which is made up of Cloud Computing Platform through the Internet. It can be accessed from anywhere. Apart from this cloud is also known as virtual server.

What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

The difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting is that in Cloud Hosting your website is hosted on many servers. And in Shared Hosting your website is hosted on a single server. Apart from your website, many other websites are hosted on that server.

Is Cloud Hosting Cheaper Than Dedicated Hosting?

Cloud hosting is usually cheaper than dedicated hosting. However, there are many resources with which we buy both these hosting, so their price can be expensive.

In this article you have been told, what is Cloud Hosting? (Cloud Hosting in Hindi) In which you have also been told, how it works. And how secure is your information on the cloud. If you use the cloud, then what methods should you use to save your data. Hope you must have liked this article. If you have any question related to this, then you can tell us by commenting. Do share this article with your friends, thanks.


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